image #2050 Ep.78 - Nathan Métenier [ENGLISH]

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#2050 Ep.78 - Nathan Métenier [ENGLISH]

26min | 2019-12-2

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    After Tamar Jakeli from Georgia, today my guest is a french young man. Nathan Metenier is 20 and 5 years ago, he became a climate activist… You want to know how ? You just have to listen, of course !

    Today, Nathan focuses on advocating at the european level in the Youth and environment Europe. Together, we talked about the holy growth, about the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), about the words to adress the climate issue. He told me about the need for new governance and about the coalition he is working on with networks of youth leaded NGOs. 

    But in this conversation, you’ll also hear about collapsology, north responsabilities, technology and, obviously 2050.

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