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Precrease & Collapse, an origami podcast

Nicolas Terry

1h03 | 2020-2-6



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    [Sorry for the inconvenience ūüėŅ ,I messed up my file with a last minute edit. It's all good now]

    Passion... If you dedicate yourself to it, you will achieve great things. Not only for yourself, but for an entire community. Welcome to Precrease & Collapse.

    In this episode, I'm with Nicolas Terry, whom you might now, both as an artist and en editor.

    I'm sorry this episode took so long to air. It was quite difficult to make, especially due to the translation work. I hope you'll like it !

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    The Great Origami Library  : One dozen folds & Fold with feelings by Nick Robinson

    Origami conquers the world : Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny

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    In the next episode, I will receive D√°Ň°a ҆everov√°.

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    Music : Slottskogen Disc Golf Club, courtesy of Wintergatan

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