image YCKM S12E14 Mesarthim / The Acacia Strain


YCKM S12E14 Mesarthim / The Acacia Strain

1h45 | 2020-1-21

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    Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le Rock n Roll Hall of Fame/Shame, la désintox de James Hetfield, l'Australie ou encore du metal de l'espace.

    Au programme :

    - Revue de presse : Maxime

    - Chronique Mesarthim : Eline

    - Review Collective The Acacia Strain

    Playlist : The Devil and The Almighty Blues / Never Darken My Door, Martyrdöd / In the Dead of Night, Wormed / Cryptoubiquity, Strapping Young Lad / Oh my Fucking God, Spectral Voice / Thresholds Beyond, Teeth / Blindness, Mesarthim / Recombination, Fear Factory / What Will Become ?, Grand Magus / Starlight Slaughter, The Acacia Strain / Giving, Voivod / Always Moving, Teethgrinder / The Pain Exceeds the Fear, Implore / Let the Pleasure Destroy me

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